Cute Sci Fi Kids Costume | Kids of Sci Fi Fans

Still remember about funny post in the crazy world about the naughty kids taught by stupid parents or even the weird and funny pacifier for your babies?? now how about another kid stuff here?? actually i really miss a cute baby like this. well i hope that my wife will give me a cute and healthy baby in the next 8 months.. You know my wife is pregnant now..

These Cute kids was wearing the famous sci fi costume such as star wars and star trek. do you a sci fi fans?? if so why don’t you dress up your baby or kids in this Sci Fi Costume.

We have also post several cool post related to star wars, like the Star Wars Wedding Theme, and the Apartment of Star Wars Fans. now let us give you the kids of star wars fans

I think one of the reasons to have children is so you can relive your youth through them. I mean how many little kids know who the cast of Star Wars and Star Trek are? Well lucky for them their parents do and they are cool enough to get them in some sweet costumes for Halloween

A post for fans of Sci-Fi. You will love these cute babies dressed in your favourite Star Wars and Star Trek characters! Some other ideas for Halloween

So which costume do you like the most?? a Darth Vader Baby costume?? or the star trek costume??


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