Balap Lari Naik 1037 Anak Tangga

Jika kita bukan seorang atlet mungkin menaiki tangga yang banyak akan membuat kita kelelahan.Tapi itu semua dilakukan oleh para pengumpul dana, mereka berlari menaiki 1037 tangga di sebuah gedung yang menjadi ikon kota london.250 orang itu berlari menaiki 38 lantai gedung Swiss re tower, mereka melakukannya untuk menggalang dana untuk organisasi perlindungan anak di inggris, NSPCC.
Runners taking part in the annual stair race up the Empire State   Building in New York last week
Hundreds of fundraisers today ran up the 1,037 steps inside the   Gherkin for charity
Long slog: More than 250 people raced up 38 floors inside the   Swiss Re Tower to raise money for the NSPCC
While some seemed to be taking the challenge seriously dressing in   sports wear and running shoes, one man decided to keep it casual in   jeans
Holding on: At least runners had the opportunity to enjoy the   spectacular views across London

At 180 metres, the Gherkin stands tall in the London skyline
At the top runners were handed a medal and a celebratory drink and   given the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of London while they   caught their breath

Although, even the defending champion Thomas Dold of Germany   collapsed as he crossed the finish line on the 86th floor of the Empire   State Building


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