[BWKiller]10 sepeda yang aneh

Ada aja kerjaan bikin sepeda kayak gini…

langsung di simak gan…


Spoiler for powerises:
weird human transportation powerisers photo
A version of spring-loaded stilts, Powerisers are part walking, jumping, or running, combined with a superhero-like ability to leap (small to medium-sized) objects in a single bound — see them in action in this Powerisers video from their appearance on Planet Green’s G Word. The amped-up leg extensions make mobility faster, bouncier, and more fun and/or more dangerous — helmets and pads definitely recommend. They’re hot enough to have their own entry in Wikipedia


Spoiler for humancar:
weird human transportation humancar photo
For those of you who would prefer to go fast while keeping your feet on the ground, HumanCar is exactly what it sounds like: a car (well, it has four wheels, at least) powered by people. The HumanCar FM4 (pictured) has seats for four; the passengers “rock it like an engine,” which roughly equates to pushing and pulling on the amber-handled levers to generate speed (up to 60 mph, going downhill) and leaning to turn. Sound too weird to be true? See how it runs in this video with TreeHugger founder Graham Hill behind the wheel, from its appearance on G Word over on Planet Green. It’s street-legal, so try to not to act too surprised when one of these puppies pulls up to you at a stop light.


Spoiler for couchbike:
Equal parts social commentary on a sedentary culture and wild example of human power ingenuity, the Couchbike is exactly what it sounds like. You crank the pedals in extreme relaxation; it might even inspire you to take it through your local drive-thru, as attempted by these enterprising fellows.


Spoiler for champiot ultra:
Combining rowing with cycling, the Champiot Ultra, a quadcycle that relies on arm power to create the drive. And it’s not just for fun: the manufacturers cite a long list of ailments it can reduce the suffering of, including insomnia, gall bladder stones and even decreased sexual drive.


Spoiler for pedalpowered-pub:
Like beer? Hey, who doesn’t. A fan of pedal power? Of course you are. Then the pedal-powered pub is for you. Passengers saddle up and hit the tap and the pedals at the same time; the pedal-powered idea has popped up in Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and other cities ’round the globe.


Spoiler for treadmill bike:
Part treadmill, part scooter, all novelty velocipede, the Treadmill Bike is exactly what it sounds like: this wacky contraption lets you run while you bike.


Spoiler for aqua skipper:
Just when you thought you couldn’t hop up and down without sinking in water, the AquaSkipper saves us from drowning. This wacky gadget will do up to about 17 miles per hour, thanks to your gyrations that your friends might mistake for a funky mating dance or something. Keeping it afloat is a workout, but doing so is worth your while; allowing it to sink requires that you swim it back to the dock.


Spoiler for hipperbike:
If the thought of riding a tricycle at 50 miles per hour sends shivers down your spine, the HyperBike is your ticket to ride. Designed to mitigate some of the limitations of riding a traditional bicycle, the HyperBike is big enough to easily be seen by automobile drivers, and fast enough to keep up with (or pass) them — word on the street is that it can “easily” achieve speeds of 50 miles per hour or more (and at that speed, you’d better wear your (pimped) helmet).


Spoiler for walking bike:
Another great hybrid of human-powered fun is the Walking Bike, combining shoes and bicycles for an artful (if not entirely super-functional) pedal-driven machine. The best of both worlds, or just weird? You be the judge.


Spoiler for human-powered forklift:

And last, but certainly not least, the human-powered forklift gets an honorable mention. Technically, yes, it offers transportation, in addition to the ability to lift and carry up to about 65 pounds, courtesy of your bulging muscles. Work your arms to crank your cargo up the lift, and then put the pedals to the metal to transport it where it’s gotta go.

sumber : http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?p=67319546


2 Comments to “[BWKiller]10 sepeda yang aneh”

  1. Emang sepeda yg aneh,tp kreatif

  2. I am very interested about it, will you share more detail? Like source of this story?

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