[MUST SEE!!] Maskot-Maskot dan Bola-Bola {Euro Cup}|{Copa America}|{World Cup}

Euro Cup
Mascot & Ball

Spoiler for Euro Cup:
Maskot pertama Euro Cup adalah seorang anak dengan hidung besar bernama pinocchio dengan Italy sebagai tuan rumahnya di tahun 1980. Semenjak saat itu, orang2 kaya dari perusahaan2 advertising dan marketing di seluruh eropa menganggap penggambaran dari maskot imut nan kecil ini menjadi sebuah bisnis yang besar.


A naked wooden lad with a ball and a paper hat. And a large stripey nose.


Enormous-footed rooster in a French football kit. With a ball.


Tough looking rabbit with dodgy euro-rock headband and even dodgier ball control.


The most cunningly named of all the mascots. Slightly better ball control than Berni but equally bad head gear.


Slightly boss-eyed lion in excruciatingly tight shorts. With a ball.


Strange demon-lion thing. With a ball.


A Portuguese kid. With enormous, fat hands. But only 4 fingers.

“Trix and Flix”

Fun-loving Austro-Swiss mates. With no ball.

Copa America

Spoiler for Copa Amerika:
Kembali ke pertengahan tahun 80an, ketika CONMEBOL memutuskan untuk mengadakan Copa America secara bergantian di setiap negara peserta, yang juga memutuskan bahwa akan adanya maskot dari setiap event.


A kid in an Argentina shirt. With a ball.


Cute duck in a random football kit. With a ball.


Looks a bit like Roger Mellie (from Viz) in a Chile kit. With a ball.


Our favourite. A sweetcorn in an Ecuador kit. With a ball.


A bull in a Uruguay kit. With a ball.


It’s obviously an armadillo in a Bolivia kit. With a ball.


The Paraguayans step it up a gear in 1999, with a Chacoan Peccary in the colours of Paraguay’s flag, rather than its football kit. The cheeky young scamp is having a drink and giving us a wave. Oh yes, and it has the compulsory ball.


Appears to be a Pokemon character. Booting a rather flat ball.


This is more like it. An ancient Inca of Peru, doing keepy-uppys down the wing.


A macaw dressed in the colours of La Vinotinto. And guess what he has under his wing ?

World Cup
Mascot & Ball

Spoiler for World Cup:


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